About Maddie


I am a 25 year old Australian model and film photographer.

It is still surreal to me that I can call myself that. I started modelling from when I was about 17, and immediately fell in love with the way it made me view myself, life, and everything around me. All of a sudden, I saw beauty in absolutely everything. That's when I learnt what passion really felt like.

After being a freelance model for 5 years, travelling, learning, teaching and mostly falling in love with myself and who I am through creative expression I knew that I had more to give, I just didn't know how. Film photography was something I had always been drawn to. There was a way in which it showed this raw, vulnerable, and real feeling and emotion that I fell head over heels for.

Then one day I finally decided to buy a film camera (Canon AV-1) and have a play around. Before I knew it, I was shooting literally anything and everything. My cats, trees, the ocean, mostly landscape stuff and my partner just so I could get a feel for it. Then I gained enough courage to let a good friend of mine in front of my lens to see what I could do. After completely teaching myself the ropes I was a little bit worried shooting a human subject as I didn't want to let them down, however funnily enough I ended up exceeding both of our expectations.

I guess the rest is history. The fact that I can see so much beauty in people, and now capture it for them to be able to see themselves is something I will be forever grateful for. There is nothing that makes my heart more full than the response I get from the model after they see their images, and then the appreciation of all you incredible people that have decided to come along on this journey with me. This sounds cheesy as hell but seriously, I would not be in this position without all of your support, so thank you.

This is my ART. Now I want it to be your ART.

I can't wait to see all of my Honey's in your homes.

Lots of love, Maddie x